Our Doctors

DVA strives to recruit diversely talented physicians who have demonstrated strong patient care and teamwork skills.  DVA maintains a strong commitment to quality patient care which guides our recruiting and selection process. Our physicians represent all seven of the Chicago area anesthesiology training programs as well as other respected programs across the nation.  Furthermore, a strength of DVA is the ability to provide specialized teams of fellowship trained cardiac and pediatric anesthesiologists.  DVA also has fellowship trained anesthesiologists in regional anesthesia and neuroanesthesia.  Women comprise over a quarter of our physicians and hold key leadership roles in our organization.  DVA also employs highly skilled Certified Nurse Anesthetists who work collaboratively in a well functioning care team model.

Samir I. Abdo, MD

Sean S. Adams, MD

Gregory W. Barrett, DO

David S. Bennett, MD

Tom D. Beris, MD

Nathan J. Bobofchak, MD

James J. Cannon, MD

Pooja Dalsania, MD

Sasha Demos, MD

Victor A. Dudzik, MD

Theodore J. Ellis, MD

John R. Garino, MD

Frank M. Gentile, MD

Trevor S. Gibbs, MD

John A. Goeders, MD

Glen E. Gutzke, MD

Keith B Hanni, MD

Rober T. Husfield, MD

Elizabeth A. Jansen, DO

Torry A. Kahute, DO

Saad Kamal, MD

Evan K. Kapanga, MD

Charles C. Kim, MD

Kenneth E. Langen, MD

Theresa A. Maicke, MD

Scott A. Mittenthal, MD

Camille M. Moore, MD

David N. Myerson, MD

Chiebonam C. Oguejiofor, MD

Audrey F. Oware, MD

Blake Perkins, MD

Jaroslaw S. Przybyl, MD

Chandra Pulluru, MD

David R. Rehn, MD

Stephen M. Rublaitus, DO

Thiruppathy R. Sabapathy, DO

Alain A. Salvacion, MD

Kelli T. Sekulovich, MD

Sally P. Seraphin, MD

Kalavathi Shenoy, MD

Daniel J. Short, MD

Juliet E. Sullivan, MD

Martin J. Szafran, MD

Michael J. Tax, MD

Ryan Vealey, MD

Glenn P. Zemel, MD