Obstetric Care

At DVA, our board-certified Anesthesiologists are dedicated to providing safe and comforting care during your labor and delivery experience. With decades of clinical expertise, our physicians have the tools to provide exceptional anesthetic care during a most joyous moment in your life. With 24/7/365 availability, our team works with your obstetrician and nurses to tailor care best for you and your baby.  

Each woman's labor is unique and the amount of pain a woman experiences will differ. Thus, we will tailor our anesthetic regimen to match your needs. We utilize a full spectrum of anesthetic techniques, however many women choose to receive spinal or epidural anesthesia. These techniques allow you to be awake for the birth of your baby.

Our team will:

Greet you and your family...
Review your medical history...
Discuss the type of pain-relief medicine to be used...
Answer questions you may have...


Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia

With spinal and epidural anesthesia, numbing medication in injected into the mid or lower back. This numbing medication temporarily blocks the pain signals that travel along the nerves of the lower half of your body, such as your pelvis and uterus.

It is a pleasure for DVA to care for you and we will strive to create the best possible experience during your stay. For additional information, please click on the links below or contact us directly.


Additional Information

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Once you are in active labor (dilated at 4–10 cm), administering pain medicine is less likely to slow down or stop labor.

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